Meet the Baio family

Rosario, Sofia, Meredith, Carina, Betsey, Frank, Elisabetta, Luke, Francesca, Francesco, Pietra, Joey & Joseph, June 2019

Frank Baio arrived in America in 1972 from San Giuseppe Jato, Sicily.  By chance, Frank discovered in New Berlin, New York, the perfect opportunity to open a pizzeria.  His vision was to create a pizza that would bring an authentic taste of Sicily to upstate New York.

Drawing from his experience as a baker when he first arrived in America, he mastered his pizza dough. He then created his signature pizza sauce from a Sicilian family recipe for marinara sauce.  Finally, with a dedication to serving only the highest quality Grande mozzarella and freshest toppings to complement his craft, the legendary New York Pizzeria pizza was born!

In 1982, Frank married Betsey, who has become the heart of the pizzeria.  Their marriage was blessed with the arrival of son Rosario, who is upholding the family tradition of excellent food and service, and daughters Pietra and Francesca, whose presence has been a welcoming part of the New York Pizzeria experience.  Rosario and Meredith were married in Sicily in 2013, and they welcomed daughters Sofia and Carina to the family in 2014 and 2017. 

In 2002, the pizzeria was remodeled in a Tuscan style and expanded to a full-service restaurant, featuring traditional Italian cuisine—the finest in delicious pastas, meats, and seafood.  The restaurant is also proud to serve specialty dishes highlighting the tastes of the seasons.  

The Baios have been blessed to share their family and their lives with the people they have served since 1982.  They are grateful to have been a part of so many celebrations and gatherings through the years and hope to carry on the tradition of great food, drink and friends for years to come!  Salute! 

Frank teaching his granddaughter Sofia how to make a Fresh Mozzarella Salad, June 2019

Frank teaching his granddaughter Sofia how to make a Fresh Mozzarella Salad, June 2019



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Frank and Rosario, 1992

Frank, 1984